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A ‘Pet Friendly’ brand with nature campsites

At Aquadis Loisirs, your pets are considered as full family members.

We do everything we can to repay them for their good company!

Here’s what Aquadis Loisirs promises for your pets:

They are welcome in all the Aquadis Loisirs nature campsites, without exception*
Your trusty companions can enjoy a pleasant holiday by your side. We do away with the anxiety caused by separation or the need to find a reliable pet-sitting solution… So this is also a way to fight against animals being abandoned before the holidays!

Their stay is on the house!
Whether you book a camping pitch or a rental, there is no extra cost for your pet. Does this sound like good news?!

As privileged guests, we have a few special surprises in store for them!
They will be made to feel welcome, with special drinking areas for dogs: fresh water is freely available for them in our nature campsites!

For the good of all our campers, we kindly ask you to keep your companions on a leash within the confines of our campsites, to pick up their droppings and to bring their up-to-date vaccination records.

For any stay with a minimum of 7 nights, your canine pals will also be given our ‘doggy pack’, containing delicious treats and a tennis ball to play with, as well as poop bags**

*Limited to 2 animals per accommodation. Only category 1 dogs are not permitted in accordance with the regulations and category 2 dogs must be muzzled
**1 free pack per stay
Pet Friendly