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The 10 Promises at Aquadis Loisirs

  1. To reserve a warm welcome and always maintain a friendly atmosphere
  2. To always listen and pay attention, even when we are busy
  3. To take your comments into account and try to find a solution
  4. To always deliver what we promised
  5. To make every effort to give you full satisfaction
  6. To ensure the regulations (hygiene, cleanliness, safety) and correct behaviour are observed
  7. To be flexible and satisfy your specific needs whenever this is possible
  8. To advise you in choosing the best addresses and activities (local partners, local events, nature sites, etc.)
  9. To ensure our organisation is as simple as possible for you (administration, management and access to facilities)
  10. To remain in contact and reply quickly (email within 4 hours, except after 19:00; telephone picked up after 3 rings)