Our commitments to sustainable tourism

At Aquadis Loisirs, we are convinced that tourism can be ecological and responsible, with sound human relations.
By choosing to holiday at our nature campsites, you are becoming a part of tourist activity that respects the environment, people and the local economy!
Authenticity, Simplicity and Discovery are a central part of our DNA; discover our small-scale campsites in the heart of unspoilt locations.

Read our commitments for sustainable tourism

Buying responsibly

  • Install eco-friendly accommodation
  • Choose partners who are committed to a sustainable approach
  • Use eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Choose sustainable furniture
  • Make local products available to our campers (mini farmers markets and craft markets)

Reducing pollution due to travel

  • Enable campers to get to some of our destinations by train or other public transport
  • Provide essential food items for our campers in our grocery stores
  • Encourage cycle tourists, hikers and pilgrims to come and stay
  • Make electric vehicles available to our teams

Preserving a good living environment

  • Provide outdoor holidays in quiet surroundings
  • Create green spaces (flower beds, vegetable gardens, hedges, etc.)
  • Never use agrochemicals
  • Reduce light pollution (solar signposting)
  • Give details about local biodiversity via information panels

Controlling energy and water consumption

  • Make our travellers and teams aware of good practices
  • Choose low-energy bulbs and motion sensor lights
  • Encourage our campers to be responsible about how they use electricity in the accommodation
  • Install water flow restrictors in the wash blocks
  • Water vegetation only when necessary
  • Monitor energy and water consumption on a weekly basis

Managing waste effectively

  • Prefer to renovate our accommodation rather than buying new, whenever possible
  • Give away or sell on our old accommodation, as well as our old furniture
  • Enable waste to be sorted and recycled systematically
  • Ensure the eco-friendly management of brochures/prospectus
  • Monitor waste production
  • Make composters available for our campers in most of our nature campsites

Having a positive social impact

  • Develop our commitment to associations (particularly the SPA for animal protection)
  • Set up social initiatives for our staff and customers
  • Adopt an inclusive approach for people with disabilities
  • Encourage communication among our campers, staff and management
  • Place human relations at the core of our priorities
  • Apply fair pricing that is good value for money
  • Ensure the quality of our services

Having a positive economic impact

  • Work with French suppliers and partners
  • Promote local employment
  • Showcase local heritage
  • Advise our campers of personalised activities and local addresses